EZGO 2019 golf carts in Davis Island

EZGO 2019 golf carts in Davis Island

Just arrived the new EZGO 2019 golf carts.  The first 72 volt battery system capable of 60 miles + on a one charge.  Available in 2, 4, and 6 passenger carts.  Check out the New Cushman Industrial carts in gas and electric with the Polydump box that will never rust.  Golf Car Depot Tampa has road service trucks that come to you location.  Trucks are stocked with parts for your gas or electric cart.  Street legal (LSV) carts are our speciality.

We are a licensed auto dealer and can provide everything you need for a street Legal cart.  Golf Car Depot is an authorized dealer for EZGO, Star, Citicar and Tomberlin Street Legal carts. Golf Car Depot Tampa covers the Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco counties and we ship anywhere.  Come on in and test drive one of the 100’s of carts at our Land O’ Lakes location.

Best Golf Cart Batteries

Best Golf Cart Batteries

The best golf cart batteries are the freshest

When you search for the best golf cart battery, accessories and cables, keep in mind that any top rated battery will ideally not be older than 6 months. Each battery maker puts a code on their battery which tells you the age of the battery. Look for the code in the description of the product or on the sticker usually seen on the side right towards the top. Some companies put the battery code date somewhere close to the terminal post of the battery so watch out.

Suppose the code says J14. Reading from the left to the right, J (the first digit) is a letter that denotes the month of manufacture and 14(the second digit) is a number that denotes the year. Hence, in this instance, the date code of the battery is October 2014. You could use this as a basis to perform comparisons of different golf cart batteries before taking the final call. Make sure you only settle for the freshest battery.

A rundown of some key features of a golf cart battery

After going through several golf cart battery reviews, many of you, by now, would have a fair idea of the key features to look for. Here is a short compilation of features that are available in some of the best golf cart batteries that won’t let you down.

Deep cycle service: Thick, high density fasted lead plates and a reinforced grid means the battery can hold up against long cycles of continuous discharge and repeated recharging.

Less maintenance: Features a maintenance-free design that includes heavy duty sheet separators and a large tank to reduce water loss and optimize water consumption. Has a heavy-duty casing that weathers the storm and resists breakage to safeguard equipment and increase longevity.

Life: Enhanced battery life means better depth of cycling and more number of cycles. Best golf cart batteries have a sound cycling technology that guarantees around 800 to 1500 cycles of discharge to around 50% capacity. Batteries that have 70% depth of discharge are supposed to have a longer battery life even though the best golf cart battery in the market most likely discharges to a nominal capacity of 50%.

Vibration resistance: Partition connectors fitted with cast-on strap allow for better electrical conductivity and superior strength necessary for resisting vibration.

Power distribution and control: An optimized design that stream lines the path in which current flows and guarantees maximum power delivery.

Robust construction: A rugged design made of high density components ensures longevity and an electrical short protection system that protects power-generating components from electrical shorts.

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Golf carts as viable future transportation

Golf carts as viable future transportation

The San Diego Association of Governments has noticed a big increase throughout the county in the use of golf carts and low-speed vehicles — golf carts being two-seaters and LSVs, as they’re called, being four-seaters.

So, a group of traffic engineers from throughout the county looked at LSVs (often called NEVs, for “neighborhood electric vehicles”) on September 21 and saw a lot of potential for use of electric carts in transportation, according to City of Carlsbad traffic engineer Doug Bilse.

“We have a lot of questions about using them on the streets, and we learned that local jurisdictions need to take action to allow people to use these vehicles on the roads,” Bilse said.

Traffic engineers are starting to think of the way future roads will be designed, especially with the effort to reduce greenhouse gases.

“If you look at the percentage of trips, most people’s trips are within a few miles of where they live,” Bilse said. “But with kids to pick up and groceries to haul, for example, they may need transportation sometimes. If you could push a button on your cell and get an [neighborhood electric vehicle] to your door, and if the neighborhood shared a few of them, it would make it so people would need fewer cars.”

 Regional traffic engineers are starting to look at how to include low-speed vehicles in street design, since they expect that self-driving vehicles will be built on low-speed vehicle platforms, Bilse said.

The Future of Electric Vehicles Is Golf Carts, Not Tesla


When people think of electric vehicles, they think of Tesla. But if you want to see the future of EVs it’s important to look elsewhere. Despite glowing media reports, Tesla is not disruptive, and it will have trouble scaling as it seeks to grow. However, there are disruptive EV companies out there; you just have to know where to look. Those companies are at the bottom of the market, ignored by the mainstream but thriving in applications where customers don’t need all of the features of a traditional automobile, or in specific applications where EVs perform better than traditional vehicles.

There are two categories of disruptive EVs: low-speed electric vehicles and electric utility vehicles (EUVs). Low-speed EVs are consumer vehicles built on platforms mostly derived from golf carts and all-terrain vehicles. EUVs come in a range of sizes and formats, from small, light-duty platforms to full-size, heavy-duty trucks, but all are battery-powered and driven by electric motors. Low-speed EVs and EUVs are currently inferior to their traditional counterparts in almost every way. They can’t drive very far, go very fast or haul nearly as much. At first glance, they’re vastly deficient and don’t even meet the minimum performance criteria for most customers.

But there are applications for which these vehicles are actually better suited than their traditional counterparts. Consider low-speed EVs and the golfing communities and college campuses for which they’re best known (in the United States). For short trips around a development, they are actually more desirable than cars; they don’t create tailpipe or noise pollution; they’re slow, increasing pedestrian safety; and they’re cheap to buy and charge. Range and comfort limitations aren’t important factors because they’re only used for short trips in good weather. Full-size cars would be overkill for applications like this.  Read More >>>

New golf carts for less

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Make Golf Cart Safety A Priority

Make Golf Cart Safety A Priority

Often we believe that accidents are far less likely to happen with smaller motorized vehicles like golf carts versus driving cars and trucks on the road. Unfortunately, golf cart accidents occur with frequency due to people joy riding, not paying attention to where they are driving and going too fast. Owning and operating a golf cart is a serious responsibility to prevent accidents, especially if you are operating a commercial business that allows workers or guests the use of golf carts. Make golf cart safety and safe driving a priority by initiating these golf cart driving tips.

Vehicle Maintenance And Upkeep

If the golf cart will be used on a daily basis by customers or workers, then an established inspection schedule should be formed that follows all manufacturer guidelines. The entire vehicle should be inspected for problems and taken out of service if an issue arises until the cart is properly repaired. Items to inspect include tire pressure, fluid leaks, missing or worn parts, steering, brakes and other mechanical and safety features. Then the right parts can be ordered so the golf cart can be put back into service.

Display Golf Cart Safety Guidelines To Employees and Guests

Safety guidelines should be displayed to every person who will have access and use of the golf carts. Employees should be trained on the guidelines so as to prevent accidents and to understand the proper procedure of reporting accidents. If you are allowing guests the use of the golf carts, employees should go over all golf cart driving guidelines so guests understand the rules before operating the vehicle. Some rules that your guests should know:

  • Drive at safe speeds
  • Always wear seat belts
  • Always wait until passengers are seated and wearing their seat belts before driving
  • Slow down during bad weather conditions
  • Always take care when driving around bends, blind corners, down hills and in crowded areas
  • Allow pedestrians the right of way
  • No joy riding or horse play in the golf cart

Keeping your employees and guests safe when driving golf carts is your top priority. Ensure all safety measures are practiced daily.

Different Uses For Golf Carts

Different Uses For Golf Carts

Mention the phrase “golf carts” and most people think of taking leisurely rides along the green to the next tee during a fun game of golf. Yet golf carts have numerous uses besides conveying people along the golf course. These carts can be used for maintenance purposes, giving tours of the surrounding landscape or for merchandise retrieval from warehouses.

Maintenance Upkeep at Parks, Hotels and Resorts

Parks, hotels and resorts can have numerous areas on the commercial property such as recreational facilities, swimming pools, outdoor picnic areas and sports fields. All of these locations require constant maintenance. Unfortunately, maintenance workers can be hampered in their work when traveling to these locations on foot while carrying their tools and other maintenance equipment.

Golf carts allow maintenance workers to manage the upkeep of the grounds in a timely manner. They can carry all the equipment they need without feeling bogged down. Golf carts can increase their productivity, which results in better commercial operations for your resort, hotel or park.

Touring Vehicles

If you operate a recreational facility or other organization that gives a guided tour of the grounds, golf carts can become the best touring vehicles. They can run either on paved ground, grass or loose stone without becoming stuck.

Ideal for smaller tours and showings, golf carts can come in larger sizes that accommodate six passenger and eight passenger seating. The golf carts are available in both electric and gas models as you can save on fuel and energy costs by using these smaller motorized vehicles.

Merchandise Retrieval

When products are flying from the shelves by eager customers, warehouse personnel may need to retrieve more products quickly to replenish store stock. If you have a large warehouse, or a warehouse that is a separate building on the property, golf carts can allow workers to carry stock from the building to the main store. It can reduce accidents and worker injuries when the items can be placed in the cart and moved about the warehouse.

Consider all the other uses for golf carts that can give you numerous benefits for your business. You don’t have to operate a golf course to take advantage of these versatile vehicles.

New & Used Golf Carts for Sale

New & Used Golf Carts for Sale

If you golf, you know how fun it is to be able to have a golf cart to go around the links. Even if you don’t golf, there are lots of great things you can do with a golf car that doesn’t involve a set of golf clubs but does involve a lot of fun and function at the same time and GolfCartDepot.com has the deals you want when you want a great golf cart.

Being able to zip around the job site or areas like farms, homes or ranches with lots of flat land saves a lot of time. You can even take people with you or take small loads around without worrying about overloading a golf cart’s hauling capacity. However, new golf cars are pricey. Small new carts can easily be in the $7000 range and larger ones top $10,000 easily. Looking at sites online like GolfCartDepot.com can save you money immediately on a new cart and used carts are even more affordable.

Just like buying a car, golf carts depreciate as soon as you take one off the dealership grounds. This means you can buy used golf carts for sale at substantial savings, sometimes as much as half off for a cart only a couple of years old. This means that even if you need a whole fleet of golf carts for a large industrial area, they are truly affordable and GolfCartDepot.com will beat any internet price.

Golf carts are usually used for short distances so you shouldn’t worry much about mileage when looking at used golf carts for sale. Whether you want new or used, a gas powered or an electric, you know you’ll be able to get a truly great deal at GolfCartDepot.com.