Often we believe that accidents are far less likely to happen with smaller motorized vehicles like golf carts versus driving cars and trucks on the road. Unfortunately, golf cart accidents occur with frequency due to people joy riding, not paying attention to where they are driving and going too fast. Owning and operating a golf cart is a serious responsibility to prevent accidents, especially if you are operating a commercial business that allows workers or guests the use of golf carts. Make golf cart safety and safe driving a priority by initiating these golf cart driving tips.

Vehicle Maintenance And Upkeep

If the golf cart will be used on a daily basis by customers or workers, then an established inspection schedule should be formed that follows all manufacturer guidelines. The entire vehicle should be inspected for problems and taken out of service if an issue arises until the cart is properly repaired. Items to inspect include tire pressure, fluid leaks, missing or worn parts, steering, brakes and other mechanical and safety features. Then the right parts can be ordered so the golf cart can be put back into service.

Display Golf Cart Safety Guidelines To Employees and Guests

Safety guidelines should be displayed to every person who will have access and use of the golf carts. Employees should be trained on the guidelines so as to prevent accidents and to understand the proper procedure of reporting accidents. If you are allowing guests the use of the golf carts, employees should go over all golf cart driving guidelines so guests understand the rules before operating the vehicle. Some rules that your guests should know:

  • Drive at safe speeds
  • Always wear seat belts
  • Always wait until passengers are seated and wearing their seat belts before driving
  • Slow down during bad weather conditions
  • Always take care when driving around bends, blind corners, down hills and in crowded areas
  • Allow pedestrians the right of way
  • No joy riding or horse play in the golf cart

Keeping your employees and guests safe when driving golf carts is your top priority. Ensure all safety measures are practiced daily.